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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered

How does acupuncture work?

Good question! There are several theories about how it works and yet not really one, concise idea. These are the ideas I like the best:

1) Meridians are real and are located in the fascia

2) The access points on the surface of the body (acupuncture points) connect to the meridians and when stimulated, Qi can flow optimally

3) Having free-flowing Qi allows you to remain in homeostasis which is a medical term for being in balance.

Ultimately, it all boils down to this one concept:  When you have abundant Qi and it flows smoothly without obstruction or stagnation, pain will be resolved and you will have optimal health.

Do the acupuncture treatments hurt?

As you rest, your muscles will relax which influences how you interpret the sensations that you'll feel and yes...there are sensations - they can be subtle or strong. Sensations are considered good in that it indicates that the Qi is moving. If at any time, a needle continues to feel uncomfortable, please let me know and I will remove it.

How long are the treatments?

The initial treatment is usually 90 minutes to have enough time to go over your health history and provide a great treatment. Follow-up treatments are usually around an hour. Cosmetic treatments will be about 75 mins. Please let me know if you need to be finished by a certain time.

What should I wear to have a treatment? Do I keep my clothes on during a treatment?

For acupuncture - plan to wear loose, comfortable clothing so pant legs can be pulled up to the knees - sometimes access to the thigh area is necessary. If clothing is removed for better access to the back and legs, you will be fully draped during the entire session.

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

Yes - I can work with you during chronic illnesses as long as your primary care doctor knows that you are also receiving acupuncture in addition to medical treatment.

Does cosmetic acupuncture really work?

Facial Acupuncture stimulates the body to produce collagen which, of course, helps the skin look better, tighter and smoother. It is a subtle process but it does help reduce wrinkles. Creating healthier skin also means creating a healthier body which could mean improving your diet, increasing water intake and making sure you're getting required nutrients every day.

What else should I know?

Basic facts:

  1. all needles are disposable

  2. some sensations with needle insertions are considered good

  3. in Chinese medicine, bleeding is considered healthy - some points may bleed briefly and it's OK

  4. your comfort and healing are most important

Where are you located?

As of July 2022, True Healing Acupuncture & Bodywork has 2 locations:

Camelot Square Garden Suites

1130 E. Missouri Ave, Suite 580

Phoenix, AZ  85014

Essential Family Wellness

11209 N. Tatum, Suite 160

Phoenix, AZ  85028

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